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High-tech and high quality handmade freeride, skitouring and alpine skis.

We are a small young team, on the market since 2012. We established the brand while we were studying at Universities / Engineering. We are engineers, designers, freeriders as well as former skiing instructors, so we specialize in freeride skis, but also in high-performance skis for slopes and skialp. We’ve built the brand from the beginning by ourselves to avoid compromises. Skis are therefore made exactly how we design them. We do not have to adjust to the price of materials or to the mass demands.



Ecological aspect is highly important for us although we also chose to use the high tech materials. The emphasis is placed on a combination of high-tech materials known from the aerospace industry, environmental composition, high service life and quality of production. We eliminated non-natural materials such as plastic topsheets and aluminum sheets from our production. We use wood from European renewable forests and organic eco-glue from Entropy Resins. The final products are made mainly from 40% ash/aspen wood from renewable European forests, 30% organic eco-resin and 10% carbon and other materials.


We have devised a unique way to change riding characteristics of skis by adjusting the shape of the tail, amongst them is also a specialized tail devised specially for Telemark skiing. Now tested for years and approved as highly functional also by Norwegian Telemarkers. We have created a system of springs and shock absorbers so skis can work aggressively, but at the same time to be predictable. This is accomplished by precise mathematical combinations of Carbon-fiber, Kevlar and Dyneema® fibers.

We didn’t stop here and we have pushed the ski design even further. We have designed unique asymmetrical skis with hybrid geometry called LOTOR. Their main feature is a different length of effective edge on each side of the ski. One side is suitable for Freeride, the other one for Backcountry. Just switch between the skis and use them as two different types of skis, with the advantage that you only take one pair on the slope. It is a unique concept, the first of its kind in the world. The skis were already awarded the main prize at the National Prize for Design for Professional Product Design in Slovakia, were the Highlight at ISPO Munich, the biggest sports fair, and were awarded the RED DOT AWARD for Product Design as well.
For the concept of Sports equipment with indigo-dyed flax topsheet including skis, longboards, and snowboards or splitboards printed by UNESCO-protected technology we received a BIG SEE AWARD.


Since the very beginning of our establishment, we use virtual product development process. We design skis so precisely that for the development of a new model, we are down to no more than 2 ski prototypes until the final product is released to the market.

We now have a new, more narrow model to the asymmetric series called DRUID. They are devised for skitouring and piste riding at the same time, all you have to do is swap left and a right ski. Wood is not the only way to bring timeless design to the skis. Indigo dyed flax fibers create a beautiful unique design with a technology that has been native to Europe for centuries and is protected by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.


Forest Skis are produced in a small ski and snowboard laboratory. Diligent handcrafting guarantees the highest precision and quality of the product designed in Slovakia / Tatra Mountains and produced in Prague. The final quality is meant to last – from timeless wood design or indigo dyed flax topsheets to high tech materials and profound handcrafting. Ski production is mostly on-demand, thereby we eliminate the use of excess material. Product life is increased by the use of high-quality materials and high-quality manufacture which means only A controlled product quality while avoiding the production of low quality products. This is confirmed by extended 3- year warranty.

Viktor Devečka

Viktor Devečka

Dipl.-Ing. / Chef designer

The man behind the original idea and development. “I created this project with joy and the desire to make something special and unique. It is incredibly rewarding to see that it’s a product allowing people to explore new frontiers, horizons, and experiences.”

Broňa Brtáňová

Broňa Brtáňová

Master of Arts (M.A.) / Art Director

Responsible for overall look of the company in design, photography and film. Academy of Fine Arts-educated graphic designer, but works mostly in the film industry as a cinema feature film colorist. Also avid skier and angel investor.

Pavel Božák

Pavel Božák

Dipl.-Ing. / Concept designer

Freeride racer, engineer, and ski builder, who built some of the biggest and fattest Fullrocker skis on the market under his own brand with name Bear Skis. After years of Pavel’s development, we now in Forest Skis build the whole Fullrocker series together.

Petra Jurečková

Petra Jurečková

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

She writes texts and blogs and is engaged in online marketing. “Putting into words what skiing and freeskiing is about is quite a challenge. Freeskiing is my biggest passion and I am happy for the opportunity to develop it with the Forest Skis team.

Jakub Devečka

Jakub Devečka

Dipl.-Ing. / Engineering

He was a founding member of Forest Skis, and is currently fully engaged in projects in the composite industry. Studied at TUM Munich with a major specialization in carbon composites and ergonomics. A passionate freeskier, spends most of the season in the Alps.

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