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ALPHA / Bigmountain / FULLROCKER / Ash

1.400,00 with VAT (1.166,67 without VAT)

ALPHA, is an exquisite Fullrocker ski for all Freeride terrains. Product designer Pavel Božák tuned this model so that it works well within all snow conditions that can be encountered in the mountains. “Thanks to the smooth shape, sufficient width, and Fullrocker, the ALPHA is easy to control. High torsion and solid longitudinal stiffness ensure perfect stability at high speeds and after drops. Perhaps there is no need to emphasize the excellent load capacity in these skis. If you get to the ski slope, you can send it down with a nice GS turn and you will be pleasantly surprised by the edge grip. Whether you are a fast “shooter”, a Freeride racer or a comfy rider, you will always be completely satisfied with ALPHA. These skis associate previously unconnected properties. You can ski on them with ease or strength or aggressively and will always act as an ideal ski just for you. Fullcarbon skis with innovated Flax / Fullcarbon, Kevlar, Dyneema® construction don’t have boundaries, they are great in all conditions!

Bag included in the price. The photo is illustrative, the wood is organic and each veneer has an original character.

  • 188
  • 196

Purpose: bigmountain skis, freeride skis, backcountry skis, powder skis

A collection created in collaboration with a freerider and engineer Pavel Božák, based on his long-term research and production of skis with full rocker, hand-made under his BEAR SKIS brand. Together with Viktor Devečka, they fine-tuned the shape and the new construction in the Fullcarbon-Lan-Kevlar-Dyneema® composition to perfection.

Lengths (cm)

188, 196




1970g, 2200g


5 layers of carbon along the entire length of the ski, ABS protectors and sidewalls, Dyneema®, flax fibers, glass fiber, graphite race base, Kevlar fibers, new 3-layer ash-aspen core, snowboard 48 Rockwell edges, wooden surface, eco-resin

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