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FROST 97 / Allmountain / SemiTwin / Walnut

1.290,00 with VAT (1.075,00 without VAT)

Semi-Twin is the playful option of our Frost ski. The mounting point is more forward so the ski is balanced and the longer tail makes it stable. When you are looking for a joyful ride, this is a ski option for you. The basic length of 175-184cm has 97 mm underfoot, and 198cm/99mm underfoot.


  • 175
  • 184
  • 198

Usage: carving skis, downhill skis, freetouring skis, backcountry skis, gs skis (190-198cm)

FROST 97 is built on the latest shape technology, which combines the driving and stabilization radius, thanks to which the ski can go very quickly from a cut turn to a slide. Frost 97 is a ski that perfectly complemented our collection and filled the space between Frost 90 mm and Lotor 105 mm. It’s the ideal width for freetouring, because 100mm is for icy surfaces and pedaling a lot, and anything narrower than 95mm wouldn’t make enough of a difference. The construction is of course Fullcarbon supported by Kevlar and Dyneema® fibers. It is also made in Ultralight construction.

If you are looking for a powerful ski with us that can handle deep snow and ice slabs in open terrain and you like an aggressive fast ride without compromises, this is the machine for you. This is a high-end ski in its category.

The lightweight full-carbon construction (approx. -300g per ski surcharge is 200 €) is made on order. Ski bag included.

Lengths (cm)

175, 184, 198


r 16.5 m @175 cm, r 17 m @184cm, r 26 m @198 cm

Effective edge

146 cm, 153 cm, 158 cm




1750g, 1850g, 2000g


5 layers of carbon along the entire length of the ski, ABS protectors and sidewalls, Dyneema®, glass fiber, graphite race base, Kevlar fibers, new 3-layer ash-aspen core, snowboard 48 Rockwell edges, wooden surface, eco-resin

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