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LOTOR / TwinTip / Hybrid / Fullcarbon

1.200,00 with VAT (1.000,00 without VAT)

The revolutionary asymmetrical ski for every day and all conditions in powerful full-carbon harder construction. Alpin tail facilitates the snapping of the skins and improves agility when ski touring. Freeride side of the ski has a longer effective edge at the tip, it’s better for aggressive ride and steep descent. The Backcountry side is more centered with a longer edge on the tail making it a playful ski.

Alpin tail 171, 174, 183 and 190 cm is normally made on orderWood texture is organic, it has always a bit different outcome.

  • 178
  • 187
  • 195

The revolution in asymmetric skis designed for every day and every condition. There is a Freeride and a Backcountry side of the ski, each one brings different riding style. Freeride side has a longer effective edge on the tip. It’s better for aggressive riding and steep descents. Backcountry side is more centered with longer edge on the tail and it makes the skis more playful and perfect for cruising. Tip and tail rocker ensures enough flotation on powder days, whether you are riding forward or on switch. Thanks to 105 mm underfoot you can enjoy powder and BC, but still it’s not too wide for riding on the pistes, hardpack or moguls. From now on, all you need is one LOTOR, because with a simple left and right switch you have two different skis in one.

Usage: freeride skis, alpine skis, backcountry skis, powder skis

The lightweight full-carbon construction (approx. -300g per ski surcharge is 300 €) is made on order.

Lengths (cm)

178, 187, 195


r17 m@178 cm, r18 m@187 cm, r19 m @195 cm

Effective edge

140 cm, 149 cm, 158 cm


Beginner, Intermediate


1700g, 1800g, 2000g


5 layers of carbon along the entire length of the ski, ABS protectors and sidewalls, glass fiber, Kevlar fibers, new 3-layer ash-aspen core, sintered Base, snowboard 48 Rockwell edges, wooden surface, eco-resin

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