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ORKAN / Bigmountain / Fullrocker / Walnut

1.400,00 with VAT (1.166,67 without VAT)

BC Full Rocker SemiSwallow tail is intended for the days when the snow will constantly fall and all you want is just to fly through it. Fully agile and fun ski you can always use with your full strength thanks to the carbon structure, a huge toy for huge powder days. The basic length of 190 cm is 120 mm underfoot.

Usage: big mountain skis, freeride skis, backcountry skis, freetouring skis, powder skis

ORKAN, the huge big-mountain charger. Bigger ski for bigger lines, for bigger guys, for higher speeds, for deeper snow. The average height of people is increasing, even we have some riders way above the average. We decided to meet these requirements. Thanks to exactly calculated geometry combining two radiuses it’s easy to switch between carving turns and gliding turns. A 540 mm rocker always pulls the ski on the top of powder. Stiffer tail is excellent for drop landings. Skis react naturally allowing you to discover a new dimension of Freeride. All our Fullcarbon skis have special innovated Carbon, Kevlar, Dyneema® construction working together like springs and absorbers. Longer camber keeps all the fibers active. This unique combination makes the skis aggressive, but predictable. Ski bag included.

Lengths (cm)



r 26 m @190 cm






5 vrstiev karbónu po celej dĺžke lyže, kevlarové vlákna, Dyneema®, sklenené vlákno, nové 3-vrstvové jaseňovo-osikové jadro, drevený povrch, ABS protektory a sidewally, snowboardové 48 Rockwell hrany, grafitová race-ová sklznica, ekoživica

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