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SKADI / 162 cm / Tyrolia 11 / set

920,00 with VAT (766,67 without VAT)

SKADI is our twin-tip all-resort ski for intermediate to advanced riders. Tip and tail rocker ensures enough fun, whether you are riding forward or on switch. With 80 mm underfoot and 14 m @ 162 cm radius, it’s easy to ride. The printing is made with the original 400 hundred years old indigo dye printing technique on flax fibers registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Tyrolia Attack² 11 GW 23/24 set

Vynikajúca voľba pre ľahších, menej agresívnych lyžiarov a ženy. Plná cena 185 €.

Usage: carving skis, downhill skis, recreational skis, sports skis, women’s skis (162cm, 170cm), gs skis (186 cm)

These skis are designed for playful skiing, they are reliable, lively and their construction absorbs vibrations. This TwinTip ski is built for all resort snow conditions. We use original Indigo dyed flax fiber on the topsheet. Flax fiber is currently regarded as a high-tech material in the field of composite engineering. It is a natural ecological material characterized by strength and damping properties. The printing is made with original 400 hundred years old indigo dye printing technique on flax fibers registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. White ABS Sidewalls for lengths of 162 cm and 170 cm. Black ABS Sidewalls for a length of 178 cm. Acacia wooden sidewall for the length of 186 cm.

Lightweight or all-carbon construction is made on order.

Lengths (cm)

162, 170, 178, 186


r14 m@162 cm, r16 m@170 cm, r18 m@178 cm, r20 m@186 cm

Effective edge

131 cm, 140 cm, 148 cm, 156 cm


Beginner, Intermediate


1600g, 1700g, 1800g, 1900g


ľan, sklenené vlákno, drevené jadro, karbónová páska, sintrovaná sklznica, ekoživica

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